A Time Theme - A Brief Muir Chronology

"I was born before the Industrial Revolution, and am now about two hundred years old. But I have skipped a hundred and fifty of them. I was really born in 1737, and till I was fourteen no time-accidents happened to me. Then in 1751 I set out from Orkney for Glasgow. When I arrived I found that it was not 1751, but 1901, and that a hundred and fifty years had been burned up in my two day's journey. But I myself was still in 1751, and remained there for a long time. All my life since I have been trying to overhaul that invisible leeway. No wonder I am obsessed with Time." Extract from a Diary 1937-9

Year Event
1887 Birth, Deerness, Orkneys
1901 Arrival in Glasgow
1913 Begins to contribute to A R Orage's New Age
1918 First Publication, We Moderns (Collection of aphorisms)
1919 Marriage to Willa Anderson, London
1919 Undergoes Jungian analysis by Maurice Nicoll
1921 First year in Prague
1922 Year in Dresden and at international school at Hellerau
1923 Italy, Salzburg and Vienna
1924 Return to England
1925 Publication of First Poems
1927 Publication of the novel, The Marionette
1935 Publication of Scottish Journey
1935 Translation into english by Willa & Edwin Muir of Kafka's Metamorphosis
1936 Controversial rejection of non-English Scottish literature in Scott and Scotland
1940 Publication of first autobiography, The Story and the Fable
1946 Appointed Director of British Council, Prague
1949 Appointed Director of British Council, Rome
1950 Appointed Warden of Newbattle Abbey College
1954 Publication of An Autobiography
1955 Appointed Norton Professor of English, Harvard University
1956 Return to England
1959 Death, Swaffham Priory, Cambridge
1960 Publication of Collected Poems
1965 Publication of Selected Poems, edited by T.S. Eliot

Year Publication
1918 We Moderns: Enigmas and Guesses
1924 Latitudes
1925 First Poems
1926 Transition: Essays on Contemporary Literature
1926 Chorus of the Newly Dead
1927 The Marionette
1928 The Structure of the Novel
1929 John Knox: Portrait of a Calvinist
1931 The Three Brothers
1932 Six Poems
1932 Poor Tom
1934 Variations on a Time Theme
1935 Scottish Journey
1935 Social Credit and the Labour Party
1936 Scott and Scotland: The Predicament of the Scottish Writer
1937 Journeys and Places
1939 The Present Age from 1914
1940 The Story and the Fable: An Autobiography
1940 Yesterday's Mirror, Afterthoughts of an Autobiography (Scots Magazine, Sept 1940)
1943 The Narrow Place
1946 The Scots and their Country
1946 The Voyage
1949 The Labyrinth
1949 Essays on Literature and Society
1952 Collected Poems 1921-1951
1954 Prometheus
1954 An Autobiography
1956 One Foot in Eden
1960 Collected Poems 1921-1958
1962 The Estate of Poetry
1963 Collected Poems
1965 Selected Poems, ed. T.S. Eliot
1974 Selected Letters of Edwin Muir, ed P.H. Butter
1982 Edwin Muir: Uncollected Scottish Criticism, ed. A Noble

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